How to Remember What Really Happened

All people are familiar with memories of challenging events morphing over time. We all have challenged someone’s recall of an event. What gives. Why is remembering so hard.

Principles: Chin Up to USAustralia-nz

America claims Peace and serves War to all people worldwide. Australia claims Peace but rapes their own people and is today leading despotism and tyranny.

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Nerve “X” is the PATH to One

The 10th Cranial nerve is nerve X or also known as, the Vagus Nerve. This Nerve connects the Left and Right cranial brains to the Gut Left and Right brains (typical gut brain carries over 100 million neurons and does all of it’s own decision making and processing and manufacturing). This nerve also swings through the Heart and Lung intersections so it also gets neural activity…

you choose and manifest

Sweat Equity vs Cobra 19 Inequity

Has it not always been this way? When will we learn and get out of the chair? When will we learn to seek motives from inner and pure locations as opposed to outer and harmful choices. Choices and strategies to heal and improve yourself leave you immune to the ‘attacks’ as your functions can better counter them and your actions avoid them.

Play Tonic Resolution of the Universe and the OTC

if the universe is constantly in movement including everything on earth with giant speeds then “where am I” becomes more of philosophical question than a science one because as stated earlier our planet is in constant move so we’re never in the same place twice because of that movement.


Patagon a story of Creation

Patagon (the dog headed Mon Stir) is present at the Dawn of Man in Patagonia. The everlastingness of the Patagonian Myth of Creation is in sync with the Duality seen everywhere. We always have equal amounts of seen and definable and unseen and undefinable. Patagonia helps bring us home.

What Does “T” Time Measure

The letter T is the 19th letter so in today’s times of viruses and cobras both having the designation, our radar’s are on and alerted. So 19 eh, what else? 19 is representing all numbers from 1 to 9 or in other words, all numbers. It also represents the first letters in the alphabet from 1 to 9 or A to I.

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“U” – “V”ictorious

As a letter it is after “U” and preceding “W”. Numerically it is 21st when the “J” is removed from the measurement. As a symbol it is the upside down of an “A” sans the bridge line. It also symbolizes many other things including occulted things. Merriam Webster states occult means: : to shut off from view or exposure : COVER, ECLIPSE, the light of a star…..

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Magnetosphere is Falling

Remember Chicken Little when he said “the sky is falling!” Well, fairy tales are much more than what we see at first glance. In fact, there is half to be learned from fairy tales….

We are here for you 24/7

24/7 Support to: RECLAIM Your Body Health

We are here for you 24/7 as examples of the correct way to live a complete natural Life – free of pain and disease and you will be COMPLETELY HAPPY in every way.

T Levels Dropping

The apps have turned hard working, disciplined and purpose driven men into soft, sensual driven and genitally inspired reactoids.

The value of a Human person has gone from 100 to about -3.

IOU (I owe you) Inside/Outside – You!

The truth is all people have deep inside their Heart – the Christ within which is the Spark of Life or a tiny piece of the Creator emanating from your Heart.

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Cut Divide Parse

Above the “7” branches are the top of the tree where all worldly things are decided and must fall one way or the other – toward giving or taking…

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Humans End Killing!

“A protein is also a general word for the total nitrogenous substances of animal or vegetable matter, exclusive of the so-called nitrogenous fats. – It has been proven that a vegetable diet supplies more available nitrogen than a meat diet.” from p.189. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, “

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Passive Vegans Empower Carnism meat eating to explain Humans

300 million Americans eat meat. But meat eaters fall victim to their own game. They’re unknowingly fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bacteria, viruses, and animal waste—all so they can eat meat. They are the collateral damage of carnism. Outside of the millions of animals treated cruelty and slaughtered inhumanely. Only for their flesh to be putrefied and adulterated on the way to a couch, coat, shoe factory or diner or supermarket or meat processing location.

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