How to avoid mis-directions/delusions and find truth?

How to avoid mis-directions/delusions and find truth?

The ultimate truth is the present. Right now and the next moments are your choice of your next thought and action. Each moment is happening inside your existence and it is yours for Life and no one can take it from you.

Where is Truth

A first look can be at philosophy as it is an ancient term meaning philo sophia or “love of the truth” (knowledge and wisdom gained through experience). Note that the baseline is Love and Action/Experience. Having Love and Action as a baseline insures safe and fruitful travels. It protects you from harmful decisions and skepticism of your purpose.

We know Love is connected to Heart Matters. Or Matters of the Heart. We know when we behave correctly (COR means Heart etymologically) when matters of the Heart present themselves in our Life – that our Heart grows stronger and brings us peace and empowerment. We can see at the same time the positive results or benefit that occurred overall from our Positive Heart Action. This strengthens and reinforces our safe and fruitful travels. Allowing more truth and benefit to arrive to us and the people around us.

With Heart and Truth being …

With Heart and Truth being so closely related – we know Truth will be found next to or within the Heart so we are very close to finding the home of Truth. Each Heart Matter and matching Heart Action that is benefitting the persons needing benefit then all Hearts grow stronger and the Truth becomes more apparent.

The ultimate truth is the present. Right now and the next moments are your choice of your next thought and action. Each moment is happening inside your existence and it is yours for Life and no one can take it from you. You have 100% ownership and freedom within your next thought, the thoughts you carry, the weight you give them and up to your actions and location from day to day. You are always in complete control of your destiny.

There is no exterior enemy. There is only a fantasized and ‘made real’ – “N” in ME. We manufacture all enemies whether we label them imagined or real. The God particle in your Heart proves it.

Simply Seen – Duality

In society formats match the human body. Capitalism is related to CAP or top or capita in Latin, meaning HEAD. Communism is community or agreement across the BODY. Socialism is center based or related to Matters of and Actions of the HEART. Dictators are sex organ thought based and potato brained – DIC TATER. All of this is happening within the Great Consciousness Creator Field we all share.

Above shows Duality revealed. The Creator Field/Creator vs Creation/Created Beings

Outside of observation, the ultimate duality is Game and Player. Then Love – Fear, all emotions are from these baselines in observation. In observation and study, we see duality in all things. Even matter itself is described as matter and dark matter (invisible matter). Even Faith and Skepticism are dualities. Duality or Creation must have a source or origin. Therefor we know there is a Creator or Creator Force. This gives us three considerations. Two opposites or twos sides of a coin – and the edge that bonds them together and has NO OPPOSITION.

This gives us the baseline for all we feel and observe. Two opposing but bound forces and a Creator. We also know all living things contain this arrangement. We also know, we Humans have ultimate domain over Earth and Creation/Development her within Earth and our own Bodies and Existence.

Our complicated existence has a million times a million flavors and examples or descriptions. All of it comes from a starting point of Creation and Duality. Opposing forces in Perfect interplay demonstrating the ultimate complexity and simplicity at once. Duality is Simple and Complex at once. The Creator is Present everywhere and within all things. Notably, the Creator is personified and particle-lized into an atomic light ray inside each Human Heart.

The ultimate duality is inside my skin and outside my skin or rather Home and Away. All my most important and reliable and life changing agreements and decisions are done at Home or inside my skin. The results are seen inside and outside, now and later.

Getting the Urge

Nothing proceeds without my agreeing to it first, regardless of my willingness or enthusiasm toward finding blame for my decisions and self agreements outside my skin.

The absolute truth is all decisions and agreements must happen under your skin – with yourself – at Home,, in your Heart with your Divine Heart Intelligence – your Home, under your skin. Inside your own Brain there is a rational side and an emotional/spiritual side. When they agree on your decisions and and agreements you have Peace and Cognitive Harmony. Under these conditions, any desire can be attained. Ultimately, your purpose in Life must be agreed on by your rational brain and your emotional/spiritual brain.

Making the Merge

When the choices/sacrifices/appreciation is demonstrated and you achieve cognitive harmony, all the treasures of the Heart can now merge into your Brains providing clarity, courage and wisdom. These energetic patterns also put you in tune with Nature herself and Life becomes an endless gift of spontaneity and lucid rhyming with the Magic of Nature and your Being. Endless peace and purpose until your last breath.

You have to simplify your terms, go back to yourself, go back home. Find the simple terms inside yourself. Let your own conscience IE your own truth meter be developed into you can rely on it and trust it.

Take Action

Find the examples, find the stories, find the testimony, find the witness, find the proof. Make yourself strong, make your truth meter strong, and your justice meter strong, make yourself reliable, find example to be like and to follow.

Listen to all the prophets and use your truth meter to choose the good. You must become self reliant you have nothing else to rely on except your partner which guarantees you full support.

Your baseline agreement would be the faith that you build toward your silent partner which operates your heart and all your miracles. The One True Creator of All

Together you can rule your world and your destiny, which is great. Make the changes. Replace habits with new habits. Clean and repair all you can. Learn to communicate to others and yourself without judgement. Allow divine Heart Intelligence to merge into your Peaceful left and right Brains. We will add another blog to show Bawa response best suited to the question at the top.

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