Complex animated Beings of Earth have a beating Heart and are all called Animals including we Humans. Natural Fruit in raw form contains the ultimate LIFE Natural Elixir also known as the water under the Fruit Skin. The reason the world’s people do not know and live this for their own benefit is:

Crazy ‘Fruits’ are VERY SELFISH

The crazy ‘fruits’ who lead the world’s memes of behavior are extremely interested in their own ideas of self benefit. They have extremely LOW concern for your overall benefit. The dollar rules the day. The dollar’s partner is selfishness. Together they can rationalize very harmful things to achieve their desires. It has developed over decades and longer to the point – most people believe they must murder their Earthly companions and eat them in order to survive.

This pays the owners of these operations a handsome payoff and it also provides a general baseline of malcontent and sickness across all peoples who participate. It is a ruthless game of victim against oppressor. Those who pay attention get paid back with extended life, better relationships and Peace and Happiness.

The rest of Humanity (people like you and me) become fodder, food, tokens and malcontents to be used and disposed of by the Hierarchies that our world partly runs on. The Hierarchies literally have the people murdering their co-habitants here on Earth after excruciatingly torturing them and then we have the gall to flavor the flesh, scorch it and put it into our mouths as food/nutrition.

Idiocy and Insanity combined. Not only is it a horrible act to murder, desecrate and EAT a fellow Earth co-habitant – IT IS A CRIME against Nature itself. Nature could be called “A Balancing Act” as all Nature ever does is provide Life and Balance. As if they cannot exist without the other.

Killing, maming, desecrating and imbibing Flesh of an Earth co-habitant carries consequences. As all things in Nature:
All things within Nature are balanced or are within the process of Balancing. Nature cannot exist out of Balance. It will simply fall. Everything in our world including all of Nature and All of our Bodies are together – Nature. We are all Nature together. Each part of Nature co-exists and depends in some matter on the other representatives seen in Nature.

All of this is happening in an Illusory world. How could it not be? Our True Nature is not far away, however. It is within every beating Heart. It is the Mystery of Life and Balance. It is the cause and the effect. We are deeply loved by the Creator. There is one single pulse coming to you from the Creator. It is saying to you:

“I Need to be Needed!”

The Creator will live inside your Heart with you for your entire Life. You will always have the choice to recognize or turn away. One thing is certain forever in your Life. A pulse of sensation and Life are emanating from your Heart. The main message is: I Need to be Needed. The Creator is so awesome and patient, you are never rushed to notice but the notice will always be there for you. As a Being made from Nature – all Balance is afforded to you, if you request it and work for it.

What is the Main Problem

Diet. Most will run from this page now. If there tongue or stomach has to be denied anything – ANYTHING, it means it is time to put your head in the sand and your teeth around a Flesh sandwich or a poison riddled candy/donut. Why self improve when slow suicide is so much fun? Not sure of the answer to that one.

What is the Main Solution

Fruit. It is Nature gift to Humans and is eternal and provides the most complete and easy to digest nutrition available on Earth. Why is this fact not taught? Greed and selfishness and most importantly – Ignorance. Will anyone here want to help us fix this issue?

The Human body is powered by the Heart. All functions outside of this energetic Life Pulse Operator are handled by the Brains and their Assistant organs, glands and OS’s. The Human Brains are as follows: The Cranial Brain has two independent hemispheres, the Left and the Right Brains along with a host of OS’, glands and organs to support it’s overall function and duties. There is a single ‘nerve or communication line’ within the sheath of the Carotid Artery called the Vagus Nerve. It carries back and forth important data points that the Cranial Brain and “THE GUT BRAIN” need to converse about.

However, the Gut Brain is independent in it’s decision making and manufacturing processes as it contains more neurons than the Cranial Brain. Up to 100 million neurons are detected in the Gut Brain. The importance of properly feeding, maintaining and enhancing the Gut and Cranial Brains is not only overlooked – policies are allowed to defeat and destroy both of these Intelligence Centers of the Human Body. What might that look like?

Dr. Emeran Mayer, professor of medicine, physiology and psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles, said that most patients with anxiety and depression have gastrointestinal problems. 70% of his patients with chronic stomach problems have experienced early childhood traumas which affect how they respond to stress. They remain in an ongoing state of emergency with all of the body’s systems ready to deal with approaching danger – even though the original event occurred years before.”

“Prescription drug use for gastrointestinal and mental conditions is at an all-time high. People are still suffering and walking around in a drug-induced haze. Gilles Marin, my teacher and Director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute once stated, “Once people connect with the emotional reason why they are sick and are able to evolve and change the way they their emotions affect them internally, there is no more reason whatsoever that they can continue to be sick”.

The stagnant patterns and fear of change we hold inside ourselves are preventing the flowering of our potential.”

Is There an Answer and a Solution

It has always been there. Lying at our feet. Right under our very noses. A gift from Nature to you to settle all issues and end all woes. It is so simple it seems ANTI LIFE to not notice.

“6” is the Number for Man. “F” is the Sixth letter. Fruit the word is literally saying: “Root for Man”

Below Mirrored from Karen Pierce:


The Hidden Truth about Fruit and Healing    by Karen Pearle

The Importance of Fruit:  For Healing, and Vibrant Health

Have you noticed that more people are aging prematurely and getting conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss?  Do these diseases come naturally with aging?  What can we do to prevent or recover from these “diseases” at any age?Healing the Underlying Causes of Our Health Probems.  Three years ago I ran across the work of Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., a biochemist, master herbalist, and Director of the International School of Regenerative Detoxification.  During his 45 years of practice he has helped over 150,000 patients recover from serious illnesses.  90% of his patients with cancer recover with his program.  Dr. Morse points out that while most doctors treat symptoms (with pharmaceuticals, radiation and surgery), it’s possible to heal the whole system of a person with diet and herbs, thereby healing the underlying causes of our problems.I am so impressed by the importance of fruit in the healing of these underlying causes that I’ve written this article and guide to share with you in detail why eating fruit is crucial in healing and in maintaining your health.  But first my storyI grew up in New York eating meat, potatoes, cooked vegetables, baked goods, and very little fruit. This is called “SAD”, the Standard American Diet.  Here in California I’ve eaten mainly organic food and have greatly improved my diet over time.   However, since studying with Dr. Morse and learning more about how the body functions, I further changed my view of nutrition and detoxification, and aging.  Now I feel that it’s possible for anyone to substantially improve their health and avoid the conditions that lead to “disease”.  To do this, it’s helpful to learn more about our bodies, diet, and detoxification.

We are an Alkaline Species.   I’ve learned that we are an alkaline species and need to eat fresh alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) to be healthy.  However, most of us have been eating a very acidic, high protein, high starch diet.  This diet has resulted in major health problems: destructive inflammation, mucus and congestion in our bodies, and therefore we are getting many inflammatory diseases, like arthritis and cancer. On the other hand, when the body is alkaline we don’t have the conditions for disease to thrive.How do we Heal?  In order to heal from this toxic, inflamed condition, we need to consume alkaline-forming foods, mainly fruits and vegetables.   Fruits, berries and melons not only provide us with nutrition, but they also are our medicine. They heal inflamed tissues, ulcerations, and greatly enhance cell function. Our bodies try to buffer this inflammation with cholesterol, calcium (taken from our bones) and edema (fluid in the body).  But these buffers block nutrients from getting into our cells, and also causes dehydration.  
Many doctors these days are telling their patients to eat little or no fruit because fruit feeds cancer, candida, and bacteria in the body.  Is this true?  Do we need to limit our intake of fruit?   To answer this question, let’s look at two different types of sugars.How Fruit Sugar is Different from other Sugars and Starches   Table sugar, the refined, highly addictive stuff that is added to so many of our foods, is dangerous and associated with declining health.  Furthermore, starchy foods like bread, rice and pastas (complex sugars) are difficult to digest and be available to the body.
 Not so with the simple sugar called fructose, which is in fruit.  Fruit sugar is easy to digest and is essential in the detoxification and regeneration of cells.

Just as the engine in your car needs fuel to run, so does your physical body. To function, our bodies need amino acidsfatty acids, and sugars. However, it is sugar mixed with oxygen that provides the energy that your body needs to run the machine.  To understand sugars better, let’s compare two types of sugar, monosaccharides and polysaccharides:

Monosaccharides are simple sugars, e.g. glucose (vegetable sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), or galactose (milk sugar).  A simple sugar cannot be broken down any further.
(Please note: The sugar in fruit is fructose.  It has no relation to “high fructose corn syrup”, the source of unwanted added sugar in so many foods from ketchup to peanut butter.)
Poly or Disaccharides are complex sugars (also called “complex carbohydrates”, or “starches”), which consist of several glucose/fructose bonds.  Bread, grains, rice, pasta and potatoes, for example, are common starches.   They are much harder for the body to break down than simple sugars (fruits and vegetables).Everything we eat that is complex must be broken down and transformed into simple components in order to be digested by the body.  This process takes hours for the body to accomplish. The body must break down the starches (complex sugars) into simple sugars before it can use them properly.  So when you consume starchy foods your body has to deal with the overload of simple sugars, by storing them as fat and excreting what it can.  This causes excess acids in the body.  In addition, there is a high demand on the pancreas to produce insulin and a high demand on the liver and kidneys to convert or eliminate the excess.  If this excess acid isn’t eliminated it can lead to inflammation and serious health problems.
3 Dangerous Myths about Fruit

Fruit Sugar Feeds CancerThis is a myth that has
been popular for a long time. The myth says that by eating fruit sugar you are fueling cancerous cells with energy.  But decades of science has proven this wrong.  When we starve the body of simple sugars (fruit sugar) we starve our cells of vital energy.  This starvation can damage cells Once cells are damaged, they can become abnormal and eventually cancer cells.

​Because of this myth, in our effort to get enough energy, we may avoid fruits and overeat foods rich in proteins, fats and/or complex sugars .  But contrary to the myth, fruits are actually packed full of antioxidants which help protect our cells and keep us healthyEven the American Cancer Society recommends a high fruit and vegetable diet!!

Fruit Feeds CandidaCandida (a fungal yeast overgrowth) creates a craving for refined sugars and starches.  Based on this, people are often and incorrectly told to not eat fruits because of the sugars. But in fact, fruit sugars are simple sugars and are essential to the body as its main source of energy.

Fruits are essential to help the body eliminate Candida!   Fruits are high in antioxidant and astringent properties which clean out congestion from the tissues.  This is the congestion upon which Candida feeds!  Complex sugars (like table sugar) on the other hand, are super fuels for Candida. 

In addition to eating fruit, using an herbal parasite and lymphatic cleansing program will help kill the Candida, and will also help with bacterial overgrowth.

Fruit Feeds Diabetes

Fruits, being a simple sugar, are superior for healing blood sugar conditions (diabetes), pancreatitis, hepatitis and all other gastric and intestinal conditions.  It’s important to know that fructose (the simple sugar in fruit) does not require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes to carry it through a cell wall.  It passes through the cell membrane and absorbs directly into the cell (a process called “diffusion”). (In contrast, starches and refined sugars require insulin to be digested.)

(Note: If you eat fruit and your blood sugar goes way up, the problem isn’t with the fruit, but weak adrenal glands.  Underutilized sugars from weak adrenals raises blood sugar levels.  In that case eating smaller amounts of fruits at a time is suggested. And taking an herbal formula to strengthen the adrenals is suggested(1)

A Harvard Medical study, “Don’t fear the fruit” provides a chart that shows how a
hundred different  foods affect our blood sugar level.  The study shows that a bagel increases blood sugar 5 times more that an apple! (2)Fruit for Neurological (Brain and Nerve) Conditions.  Fruits are superior brain and nerve foods.  For Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS),  Alzheimers’, migraines, concussions and other neurological conditions, the high magnetic (electrical) energy of fruit is vital.  Fruit brings energy to the body where most other foods take it away!!    By eating more fruit we are strengthening and protecting our brain and nervous system.

Now look at these further benefits of eating fruit!

Fruits are higher in antioxidants and astringents (which pull toxins out of the body) than other foods. Fruits help the lymphatic system (the body’s sewer system) protect our cells by removing wastes (toxins and mucus) from the body.

Fruit has a high water content, which carries enzymes and life preserving elements into the body’s cells.  Compare moist juicy fruit to many of our foods that are dry, dense, sticky or hard or greasy.  Fruit is a live food , and if you want to be vibrantly alive you need to eat food that’s alive.

Fruit requires very little energy to digest. 
The high magnetic energy of fruit (higher than other foods) is easily transferred to the cells of our bodies, furthering detoxification, regeneration and heightened consciousness.
Fruits burn slowly, but powerfully, while energizing and promoting the vitality of cells faster than other foods.

To sum up: To accelerate our healing and regeneration process, and prevent “disease” we need to eat a higher percentage of raw, fresh fruits and decrease our consumption of starches.Never fear the use of fruits. These beautiful gifts of nature have more benefits than we may have imagined!!

               For further information see
                     Resources below, and

                           my new article,
       “Tips for Choosing and Preparing Fruit”  Resources:

1.   A  short video by Dr. Robert Morse, ND,  on the Adrenal Glands:

2.  An analysis of the Harvard Medical Study

Morse, Robert,N.D., The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Kalindi Press, 2004

Cell and Tissue Regeneration with Fruit 
This video, by Mark James Gordon, is an excellent summary of the benefits and importance of fruit!

About being afraid to eat fruit

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