Life’s Inversion – Magnetosphere is Falling … the sky is …

Magnetosphere is Falling

Remember Chicken Little when he said “the sky is falling!” Well, fairy tales are much more than what we see at first glance. In fact, there is half to be learned from fairy tales….

Our Challenge Comes Closer

Remember Chicken Little when he said “the sky is falling!” Well, fairy tales are much more than what we see at first glance. In fact, there is half to be learned from fairy tales, children’s stories, myths, fantasy and legend. Half of our existence is as a Child and half as a matured person. We blend these two aspects for Life. The aspects of a Child’s view – with our matured aspects and the ‘world agreed views’. We take in the world and our existence from multiple takes/views/experiences.

At certain times, one need only look directly into a Child’s eyes to receive the answer to their dilemma. As our Earth seems to be physically and meta physically “entering a challenge time” – so can each person sense that what is happening all around them, is also happening everywhere inside them. Each of us is at some level of embracing or fighting this worldwide event that is affecting all Life.

The magnetic pole points have been measured to be drifting for 200 years, slightly. Over the last 32 years it has been at a much faster pace and matches climate changes and solar radiation hitting the surface. It also matches the tearing of the jet streams and the increased and more severe climate disasters.

It also matches the anomaly over Brazil and the worldwide decrease in the magnetosphere of 20%. It also matches the increased exosome production in Humans and new made up diseases and pandemics.

It also matches the downward spiral into anti-humanism and despair. It also matches the loss of Intellect and critical thinking. And finally, it matches the decrease in personal responsibility and embracing struggle.

Match-Up Overlooked?

The most powerful and loudest messaging comes from governments and science groups. These mainstream developed groups have mega data as they have all the money and best talent. Why do they choose to not share with us? They have an agenda that does not include telling you. They have bosses, paychecks and spouses to be concerned with. Can we relate? We here at this web, have all the data one could ask for that is not being shown publicly in mainstream delivery. All the science available regarding jet stream merging, grand solar minimum and climate anomalies are collected and distributed here.

There is time for you to react to the storm that is coming. A storm in the Earth that is being covered over with the storms in the Hearts and Minds of the people. All masterminded by ‘agenda managers’. The people have become pawns.

Do the biggest managers of world systems know about the weaknesses of Humanity as it stands? Yes. We can witness the ebb, flow and adaptation by all concerned. There is an aspect of compartmentalization to be witnessed which ‘supports via division’ the non cohesiveness of humanistic thought and behavior in exchange for materialism, gratification and things which only satisfy temporarily. This is one of our issues that has evolved from materialism, sense of lack, fear, jealousy and evolving disregard for our neighbors.

Neighborly love and regard for your neighbors, sheds after it has been lost or lowered in the person’s own household. This happens after a person has been convinced to lower their personal value of themselves. Their ‘personal value’ to be fully self functional and self directable.

As we hand over the ‘reigns’ to our very own self management and self direction abilities to memes, TV and the latest archetypes – well, we mimic and become like those we emulate. These types of Human Consciousness transfers and “human re-invention” are easily witnessed, documentable and………..

,,, changeable

Logic Says “this is illogical”

Ultimately, the managers evaporate when there are no subjects to manage. As a person claims their sovereignty – their ‘managers’ become irrelevant and invisible to their minds and eyes. You start developing a sense of self-powered and self-determined. You awaken to the fact your body, mind and spirit are an immensely amazing and complex arrangement of perfectly ordered Natural systems that YOU are the boss/manager of.

Is There a Path to Resolution

From all our studies of past and present events – we know the Earth and the People are inextricably linked together. Our two bodies act as one larger body that is viable and alive. We co-exist but also co-depend on each other. Similar to being a roommate with someone. Both parties must ‘settle’ or ‘battle’ for as long as they are in the position of co-habitating.

We also know from being alive – there are seen and definable things, unseen and definable things and unseen/unknown things. With the benefit of our bodies – we are mimics of all existence. Which means each person is a walking world and map of it. Within each person is carried every question and every answer.

All outcomes come from the same place. Outcomes are ‘built’. They do not simply appear. All things are evolved and ‘built’. All people are the benefactors of these outcomes – and the producers of them. An ‘Order’ to all things is available to be witnessed by any and all people. We can see and document when our lives went out of some order and then later the re-do happened to ‘make it right’ again.

These lessons actually makes us ‘More On’. When we mature we learn of all the Natural order permeating throughout Nature, our relationships and our own bodies, minds and emotion. Going forward in Life includes, reviews and do-overs when appropriate.

Life’s Inversion – Magnetosphere is Falling … the sky is …

What is all this Grand Mess For?

A mess this big happening to us super dynamic life forms can only be one thing. The Mess Age is a really big deal. Our mission is to decode our position and then play it to win! Follow this web for this one objective.

FAT HER & MOT HER Dueling Synergy of Duality

  • Mottled “her” keeps all the important things close and glued to self. FEMALES/MOMS
  • Fattened “her” expands itself and uses it’s gifts to explore and reshape it’s environment. MALES/DADS
  • Together we carry all keys to resolution and destiny. TEAMS SHAPE WORLDS!

HER as an acronym can mean “Human Energy Repeated (until Perfect)” leading to HEP HEP! or Human Energy Perfect. Shall our density lead to this destiny?

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