Is Aryan “White” or “Caucasian”?

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You can be any color and be Aryan. You can be Aryan, no matter what you look like. Aryan means you are true to the ‘consciousness field’. You are aligned – in order. You have been shown how to use your born to you powers to connect with your true purpose and destiny. This is what Aryan means, despite the continued mis-use of the term.

Air and Yan, Yan means 1,2,3,4 or forward sequencing. Air is what everything is made of – the Aether, Consciousness Creation Field, Chi, Prana. From this field all Creation is made.

Aryan means etymologically: c. 1600, as a term in classical history, from Latin ArianusAriana, from Greek AriaAreia, names applied in classical times to the eastern part of ancient Persia and to its inhabitants. Ancient Persians used the name in reference to themselves (Old Persian ariya-), hence Iran. Ultimately from Sanskrit arya- “compatriot;” in later language “noble, of good family.”

God made good and bad people?

No, only good people. Each one of us is made perfect with God built into our Heart. We have every treasure of God and Christ and any other great prophet, built into our Heart. All people are equal in this regard. God also gives us the power to create on our own. And to have any belief as to who should take credit for finding or making things.

The idea of bad comes from men and woman claiming they own something and fail to give credit to the God-Man partnership living in their Heart. That is why NO/NOT/NEVER transgressions of the Heart can ever be overlooked by the Heart. It has 40 trillion ‘spies’ in your bloodstream. Your Heart/God inside partnership – knows instantly whether you recognize matters of the Heart or decide to dis-associate with the Heart.

Best Friend

The Heart will keep beating no matter how severe the beating you give to it. The Heart Loves you more than you know, right now. Your body contains many organs/entities, each harmonizing at it’s own specific resonant frequency. The Brain emanates a very powerful electrical signal depending on your activity.

The Heart emanates a signal 60X greater than the Brain. The Heart is responsible for 60X more of you being alive than your Brain. Your brain seeked the senses and the emotions and the analytical. The Heart handles all other matters and it is conscious of you. It loves you so much because a piece of God is inside it.

One Feeling

God has one main feeling toward us:

“I need to be needed!”

We all seek each other as “we all need to be needed”. In our sheltered world it can feel better to imagine that you are self sufficient and do not need to be needed. Now, imagine if no one needed you. That feeling is where all woes come from. Acknowledging to each other that we each need to be needed – cures all woes.

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