Ugly Scrooge vs New Baby & Monergists vs Synergists – Who Chooses Who

Ugly Scrooge vs New Baby & Monergists vs Synergists – Who Chooses Who

For his night of dreams. He lives a long life of the world and watched the outcomes of his efforts across many lives. All the people he touched also touched him and that night he had a night of dreams. All that he did not know he knew he found out that night in his dreams. Scrooge became as pure as a baby full of reverence when he awoke I knew that morning. He knew the meaning and purpose of his life from that moment forward. ….

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Scrooge and the Baby

Is it Ugly Scrooge vs New Baby -or – is it New Scrooge vs Ugly Baby, both are appropriate.

For his night of dreams. He lives a long life of the world and watched the outcomes of his efforts across many lives. All the people he touched also touched him and that night he had a night of dreams. All that he did not know he knew he found out that night in his dreams.

Scrooge became as pure as a baby full of reverence when he awoke I knew that morning. He knew the meaning and purpose of his life from that moment forward. It showed us the exact reverse of the average person on earth today.

Average person: The baby comes to the world fresh and pure with no idea or care of morality or immorality. It only knows life, it’s beating heart and the nature it finds itself within. It offers all living creatures around it the same regard as it does its own life. This goes on until the child has enough references from his peers, parents and the world to balance his references against his babyhood reverences. As you see this is the reverse of the Scrooge story. One starts out wrinkly and ugly and pure and the other ends up wrinkly and ugly and pure. Within this story is the Janusian Paradox.

Monergy vs Synergy

Both end in “ergy” – Greek, ἔργον  (érgon) n (genitive ἔργου); second declension

  1. worklabourtask
    1. work or deed of warbattle
    2. peaceful contest
    3. work of industry
      1. (agriculturetillagetilled land
      2. (weavingwoman‘s workweaving
    4. deeddoingaction
  2. thing or matter
  3. (passive) that which is wrought or madework
    1. result of workprofit or interest

Energy translates to: Used by Aristotle with a sense of “actuality, reality, existence”,  “force of expression,” as the power which calls up realistic mental pictures. Or “forced expression or work that causes the mind to think about it.”

Or Mental acknowledgement of a forced expression – aka -Energy.

Now, Mon means one and Syn means curved or undulating or antagonized one. It looks like this – “I” and “S”. However these symbols do not show that they continue forever. One loops onto itself and becomes an 8 or an “H” or an Infinity Loop symbol. The straight line has no beginning or end. Monergy states God chooses you. Synergy states Man chooses God. It is considered the original and Calvinistic view.

 Covenant Theology, hold to the soteriological position of monergistic salvation and synergistic damnation, rejecting Calvin’s monergistic damnation and Arminius’ synergistic salvation. From:

So two different large and important groups show two analysises and conclusions with both sides receiving salvation and damnation, proving to me, they are both wrong. Presumably, they are asking the wrong question. Within this story is the Janusian Paradox.

Greek gods Janus back to back
now is time to face each other

Diet from 2010 to Today to cause Flow in Bloodstream

We intended to unstick our blood, find vortexed, clean and de-clumped water and heal our tired, fat bodies in 2009. We started raw eating in 2010 and I went from (6’1″ big build) 255 lbs to 157 lbs in less than a year and stayed that weight until today but added a ton of metabolism and dense muscle with endless energy and have never been sick or cold since.

How about this? We are within an expansion of micro and macro to ignite our atomic ray source inside each beating Heart. In healing through mental application checked by the Heart, we match love frequencies as one and as a collective. We become our Soul and exude light in our interactions just by being.

We watch ourselves transmute into beacons of the One for all of those who are matching, bringing us all to the treasure of the All, together. We allow for peace, love, kindness, compassion for all lives as our own. Does this resonate with anyone

from online discussion, SILAS SAYS:

All we can hope to do is to maintain ourselves upon the path of Wisdom and stray away from the drift of perdition, to which has pulled so many to the depths of Hades. We must find those receptive to the flame of Reason and light that solitary candle within their hearts and minds; by us coming together, with the renewed and reborn spirit of Wisdom and the will of determinedness, we can keep at bay the encroaching darkness with the light of truth. However, we must recall, never cast pearls before the Swine. Swine become rather infuriated by that which is whole and perfect, true and moral; Swine stretch to the bottom rungs and clamor to bathe in mud and filth. This is not bad, but just their nature and we must be mindful of such a nature. Vanquish the ego and in the fires of rebirth let the spirit shine free.


Thank you, well said, may I add, the Heart responds the most dramatically and quantitatively to Action(s) – start caring for yourself and others NOW. And show it! Spontaneous evolution is happening to you and inside you and around you now, it is real and spectacular…..

Repair the Janusians

Our paths have seen the same world from two perspectives, and fused to each others heads at the back (ala Janus) We see the same world but interpret from new learner of knowledge against old learner. My understanding of hope is different of your for those reasons. To allow hope is to allow for hopelessness.

Edie Brickell (means “E”nergy Die -inside- Brick wall of EL) from the album called Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars is the debut album by the American alternative rock band Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1988. The album went 2x platinum in the United States. New Bohemians means ‘the mutt/mixed.digitized/copywrited children’ to come, owned and dominated by a few This song scheduled the world to end in 2013 but Daniels Days are beating the Digital Device – for now. It is called What I Am (note it is a statement and not a question) the non statement is answered with another question – should I maintain shallowness or allow deepness into my experience.

Next salvo of memetic warfare is from 4 Non Blondes (means for and prepare for a non yellow, increasingly ‘hot’ sun)

This is the first and last verse, look up the lyrics and view the incredible symbolism(s) portrayed in the linked video. There logo is a FOUR diving into a Power Button

“25 years and my life is still Tryin’ to get up that great big hill of hope For a destination”

This song is non stop about hope and ‘knowing better’ and ‘seeing signs’ and the BIG Question and what is real more than the AIR And the question, yes the question, yes what is the question Should I wail at the The “Y” or ask a different question the only real thing is the clearest thing in my Life – the Air

Kovid/Five Ji

part – counterpart – everywhere
cyborg – natural human
Natural Human is to withdraw from metals inside you and around you including wifi. The first epidemic was in UK (and Russia) in 1881 with hundreds of suppliers (now one entity owns this) and was from the street lights network installed, it was an EM radiation attack from installing the AC Light network but called an epidemic think 5G coming at same time as Kovid

1908 span flu was from radio and electric grid being installed worldwide

What’s Church got to do with It

The war against the people using electricity has been done on Earth many, many times. Our war started in 1740 when electricity was publicly first acknowledged and names for maladies started in 1800. This is very well documented with thousands of studies but the AC lobby is louder and stronger. How do you love your AC now?

AC is tied to $, devalued sex is involved too. The main mental coercion is to convince you to disregard others, mainly through killing and eating innocent creatures which leads to a general murder mentality acceptance across the populace. All decided at: The front wall of the church big door which is asking for devalued Life, two side windows are for AC/$ and devalued sex.


Magnetism is referred to as Kanta in Samskrtam, Kanta is also the same word used for affection and throat. Canta means also to sing in Spanish. Magnetism is a consciousness of attachment and affection, which can be induced. That is why we have the term Electromagnetic INDUCTION. As in induction to a cult as well. Remember the very 1st verse of the Shiva Sutras “CaitanYahm Atma”. Consciousess of Yah (Divine Creator) is Atma (Alma, Soul, Within, Without, Universe).

Just like Light is NOT a waver or a particle, it is a telepathic communication amongst Crystals, a telepathic INSTRUCTION, so is Magnetism a telepathic Kanta / Affection between Crystals that have been INDUCED to behave in such a manner, by aligning their MEMORY. This is NOT hocus pocus, this is FACT. The hocus pocus are the lies that fake science makes up to BLIND us and the masses from these TRUTHS. That our whole existence is 1000% MAyical, Divine and Consciousness-centered, and NOT deterministic, nor newtonian, nor einsteinian. They try to cover it up w/ stuff like quantum physicis, however, that’s just another lie.

Kanta sings Canta a song of affection, your Heart Chakra Anahata which is an Electromagnetic portal of Love.

Due to the incommensurability of said affection/magnetism you get 1 magnet resultant when you add 2 magnets, they are no longer 2, they are 1. This is PRECISELY why HUGS feel so good.

Your heart and that of the other person MERGE in 1 field of Affection.


Manifesting is preceded by thought and thought control.
Use of the intellect only can ‘lead; someone to the water and the impetus to drink it. I always try to appeal to common sense or logic depending on the person and my mood.

Use of the Intellect proves to oneself they can control their thoughts. Your job is to convince them the wonder and gifts awaiting them if they direct the control of their thoughts back to themselves where it rightfully belongs.

Thoughts rule realities, the Heart produces it.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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