Trailer available now, movie premiers on 22.9.2021 at 19.21 UTC at the moment of the Fall Equinox.

Trailer 6:29 for upcoming content presentation. by Ride Thera Pub and association with Bruno Williams.

Meditating Energy – Mother Earth – Movie Era

(Clocks) Meditative Entropy

  • 1:45 : (Fish) Mathematical Electroforms or Magnificent Evolutionism
  • 2:21 : Morphogenetic Envision
  • 2:40 : Egyptian Era (+ 288 000 years) and Motherland Exodus
  • 3:40 : Macroscopic Embryon
  • 4:15: Moonlight Évangiles (Gospel in English)
  • 4:30 : Mankind Ecumenical
  • 4:43 : Magnetic Extravaganza
  • 4:55 : Maternity Emergence
  • 5:00 : Maturing Exoskeleton
  • 5:49 : ME – Mother Earth !

Premiering on 22.9.21 – The Fall Equinox for the Fallen!
All things Being Equal on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 19:21 UTC
ME! Mother Earth ME!

ME – I Am Meditating Energy!

Before Alpha was the Nameless One
Where Me and Mother Earth are from

I am a Clock n I run on a timer
My sagas within Earth are but a Primer

ME time with Her has been pre-set
What I do with it is the Ultimate Bet

Mother Earth, She Makes Everything
Absent from Her, I return to Nothing

Unconditional Love, from Mother Earth, Me!
This Love is Received and Shared with We

We grow with Her, We feel her Pains
Together We share the trials and Gains

From Alpha Silence, Came a Sound and Many Words
The Vibrations Of Life, Sight, and Flight of Birds

Mother Earth Has Come to Life, in Vibrations
ME and Wife came here too, rife in Libations

Mesopotamia Era -another name for Ride Thera!

We stop for Egyptians and the Motherland Exodus
One stop for Humanity in a story of All of Us

The Mayans, the Aztecs they gave us a clock
The Mandala the wheel the calendar, our C Lock

(Macroscopic Embryon)
The Silence – The Churning, Mother Earth is Burning
Our Positions as MEmbers, We All feel the Turning, the Churning

Are We More On with this LessOn?
Has this Lesson Made us Moron?

Anew we are now, Waiting for Light
Again we will find our way, with Sight

(Moonlight Évangiles (English) Era)
In the Twilight It is the Moonlight Era!
In a New Way Now, we start to Ride Thera!

(Mankind Ecumenical)
We Interpret this into Mankind Ecumenicals
We mixed Observations with Hypotheticals

It takes little time to the Magnetic Extravaganza
Mother Earth has many parts, We shout our stanza

1980, 1990, 2020
Started Fun – turned to Funny

How will it Go – How can We Know
All is written – but I am Smitten

We can see our Future – Written in the Past
We run in Cycles – How Long will it Last

Maternity Emergence is
Mother Earth Divergence

The M in Mother Earth Flips Again
ME turns to We in our Beautiful Den

We lay in our Dreams with a Living Body
Same with the Earth, WE, All are Somebody

We take our rest, We notate our Bests
We mark our scores on all our tests

We take our nap and enter our dreams
The notes we took fill reams and reams

It is never over as it never started
The clock is a friend even departed

Mother Earth – Her Meditating Energy, Her Meditative Entropy
Her Mathematical Electroforms Her Magnificent Evolutionism
Her Morphogenetic Envisionings Her Massive Energy

This trailer is a PART – P A R means Parity
We All are Part of a much Sweeter Clarity

The upcoming Movie will detail the Miseries
And Joys and Triumphs of Facts and Theories

We showed you the Earth, it runs like Clocks
The upcoming movie will detail the tik toks

Hey Zeus! Hey Zeus! Where are you Now – Where is your Muse
We got the Joys and all the Abuse

We got Lessons and Morons
And Freed All the Chirons

M-any E-xplanations for M-any E-ras! w/o M-entioning E-verything! I love ME!

Look at all these sprouts under the Sun
Whereabouts has it all Begun
The Equinox is coming! Repeat

Greek gods Janus back to back

Old man read book, young man wants book

socrates eats hemlock for telling truth

Socrates dies from truth telling

thought era, ride thera, ride the ra, magnetic magic .net
Sitting Bull

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