Format of Humans – Males / Females


We have developed a way to get all info about ourselves from made to order fast style delivery methods now in place everywhere. After school, peers, parents and the media we learn to look outside ourselves for all answers.

Exercise for your Heart

photo of woman posing during golden hour

“Your Heart / Blood partnership is vital to your Life, happiness and well being. Keep your blood healthy and hydrated and exercise your Heart for a long and thriving Life …” –

Detox the Body – Quiet the Mind

fresh papaya and citrus fruits delicious composition

“When you peel, de-seed and blend you should end up with a giant vat of liquid donuts that is tender on the throat, sweet on the tongue, pleasant to the eyes, and gracious to your thighs, plus for your mind body and spirit, a great surprise.” from

Words Heard & Spoken Make Your Fortune

life is now neon signage

The rest of the secrets to words are relevant only to how much value or weight we attach to them. The symbols, sounds and colors have their own unique energy signatures but how we respond to them is our choice.