No Joke – 100% Nirvana Now

This is not a joke – nor a mistranslation. It is a test. Follow us to learn our – proven over lifetimes of study and application of all that is withheld from common knowledge and currently missing in our socially accepted way of teaching to the general public. You will become revealed and your Life will change. You are on your way to becoming a master of all that is hidden from you and hidden by yourself from yourself – 4 caregories:

Basic Knowledge – Your Body – Linguistics – Conduct

You are about to start your way to complete freedom from stress, anxiety, confusion on purpose, lack of control over environment and outcomes.

Brain originates thoughts – leads to actions/outcomes

In the Brain, men and women have different neural pathways as a consequence of socially directed, sexual development. Also, the sex hormones are neuro-active hormones which have effects on cognition and brain physiology. Many of the “stereotypes” of the sexes are directly due to these neural wirings and neurophysiological effects of sex hormones.

The Brain however, will be ‘built’ and modified in counter to the thoughts and actions of the user, you! Whatever you ‘make real’ in your Brain – becomes real in your reality. We will show you all the shortcuts and techniques we fought to realize to validate that controlling the health and your application of your brain function builds a stronger and more dynamic brain function.

You are about to start rebuilding your ‘new brain’!

You are the Prize, the Reason AND THE LAW

Welcome, as you read this you have been identified as someone who can have Nirvana Now. You fit the mold to the “T” for someone ready for Nirvana Now. That is good. You are eligible to win the HEL Human Earth Life challenge.

You must achieve Nirvana Now – before you die. So be it.

The reason YOU are eligible is you have above average everything! You very much want to win. You want the knowledge. You are ready! You are willing to have an open mind and let higher consciousness and understandings – ‘flow’ into you. Caused by your choice of thinking, conduct and speech.

From this moment forward, while you walk this Earth, you are the most important thing. From here on let it be known, You are the Prize, the Reason AND THE LAW of everything that appears in front of your eyes, into your ears and what thoughts you have. All future outcomes in your personal life and the world around you will be as you want and expect them to be. As you think, behave, expect and speak them into creation.


All is well, from now on, you will always get what you want. This truth is 100% verified, validated by us and we will guide you every step of the way. We did not believe 10,000 prophets and sufis who came before us until we did the work to see it. They are telling the truth. Nirvana now is for anyone and everyone!.

Soon, you will completely understand the world and your self. The meaning of Life and of Your Life.

All our previous conflicts with self, each other , relationships and all the world can offer are resolved. No anxiety in any direction. We will prove to you that each person, unto them selves, is the Prize, the Reason and THE LAW of Earth and their own Humanity.

Each person has 100% complete control over their outcomes. Nothing is left to chance or circumstance. Most people run away from this statement and say “if I have that power you say, I do not want it”. What will you say? We have made a map with proof and testimonies for you to preview below.

Who Is Writing This

After living through many trials and tribulations we have survived long enough to share some valuable Intel. Your pains, anxieties and conflicts can be resolved soon after applying yourself correctly toward that goal. We have lived as a couple for 35 years. Between us we have lived 120 years, 60 each from two perspectives. We did it. Read this page until it hurts and come back in time, peace.

Student of Nirvana

When you are a student of Nirvana Now it is usually for the following reasons:

  • Desire Resolution to All Conflicts
  • Desire Better Self Worth and Knowledge toward Betterment – Growth
  • Desire better relationships
  • Desire total peace and fearlessness
  • Desire 100% control over personal goals and ‘kismet’ events
  • Desire an Unbreakable ‘Baseline’
  • above qualifies you for Nirvana Now work

Your ‘True Nature’ Baseline – Once Recognized:

  • Your baseline keeps you calm, cool and collected at all times
  • You have learned to instantly ‘step out of your personal experience’ and see everything objectively, from, your baseline
  • You have a ‘go to’ for any expected challenge you will have amongst conversation partners, from, your baseline
  • You are always 100% protected, safe and free to create, thanks to, your baseline.
  • Your baseline reveals all, it is a reference and a reverence at once

To Carry On We Must Know This Known Known

There are three types of knowledge in our lives.

  • Known knowns – things we know we know
  • Known unknowns – things we know we do not know
  • Unknown unknowns – things we do not know that we do not know

The above makes it blaringly clear that, if you conclude without considering the unknown unknowns – well Jack becomes a dull boy.

A magical life of your birthright, awaits you. Free of all anxiety and full of endless spontaneous magic as it was as a child. Death as an ending or continuation will be reserved for others. For you it will be an Omega moment. NirvAna

Lose Judgment – Gain Clarity

With Nirvana we will walk with zero judgment of others. We judge ourselves in the manner of

  • regulating our thoughts and conduct
  • increasing our knowledge
  • learning and renewing our body breaking all the spells in language
  • reversing the attacks on the average person.
  • Turning our new knowledge into a benefit at all times for self and those we care deeply for.

Once we Learned – We Then Knew our Heart

whenever we hate – our Heart recedes
whenever we fear – our Heart recedes
whenever we Harm – our Heart recedes

do a favor when not asked – Heart opens to you
listen without a response at ready – your Heart opens to you
do an act of kindness – your Heart opens to you

Nirvana for Humans is Available Get Map Here

Co-existing with a materialistic and illusory and confused world while being happy and calm at all times. Several important parts of our journey are shared to facilitate a new map or paradigm to achieving total peace, fearlessness and loss of judgment of others.

At once, living a daily life of ‘do no harm’ to our best ability and always striving to “regard all lives as our own”, the final and most exalted position within the AGE – Apple of God’s Eye. These principles of application are one of the golden keys of understanding who and what you are and achieving peace and nirvana.

  • Easy to Understand Steps to Unwrap your Full Potential and Release All Anxieties
  • Easy Map to the best body, mind and relationships.
  • Learn the hidden knowledge to claim for yourself all powers
  • …of how the elite hierarchy and the ‘masters of the media’ use secreted techniques and intel on the interconnectedness of words, their properties, sounds and even the shapes and relationships of the letters themselves.

Academia Knows All ……. shares little

The academics have mountains on this topic above but only as disseminators of the pieces – not the influencers and how you can exploit it!

We will show you how and what to look for, prepare for and how and when to execute your new language skills. No word will ever harm you again.

Power Brokers … do know this stuff

The (creeps), ‘powers that be’ use a scientific approach to control the population – called neuro linguistics which leads to trapping people into feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviors that benefit the media corporations and their marketing partners. These groups naturally evolve relationships with policy and law makers to strengthen their position, thus making the average member of society a commodity and expendable.

This behavior when repeated becomes a meme and then becomes known as a way of life. Any member of the society can interrupt the effects of this in their own life and have a positive impact on change not only in their own life but those close to them and within their community and circle of influence, wherever that may be.

You are Entitled to the Power of Words

It is acquired through a commitment to the study of words, the parts of words, the meanings of the morphological changes, the phonetics, the tricks commonly used, and more. Allowing the student to become empowered into how to use and interpret language to their benefit. This also ends the enslavement done through acceptance of ignorance.

Once decided to make this your goal, every day the task becomes easier and the rewards greater. There is nothing but gold in your future.

  • Heal all relationships.
  • Find peace and fearlessness.
  • Understand your purpose within Humanity and to yourself.
  • All from ending the confusion caused when utilizing language from an ignorant position.

Once the confusion and blockers are removed, the natural human is revealed and will evolve. All woes subside and the true magical experience of being a human being begins. All in time.

From the first time to the last time, it is a life long effort once you realize it. Being good and getting better is natural and an undeniable urge or tractor beam of destiny that most all people recognize. Following it makes life get better. Denying it does the opposite. The Nirvana student will come to know:

  • Ones side embraces Love. The other Fear.
  • Explanation of why there are only two emotions – Fear/Love
  • Easy door to freedom and peace immediately available to all people.
  • Secret easy to understand explanation of how the owners of power keep it contained in their circles and away from almost all people. (What key info you are missing)
  • Easy keys to losing all anxiety and never have worries or conflicts again.
  • How to get to the place of “no judgment of others” (Hear our testimony)
  • Actual steps to live a life of ‘do no harm’ (and the magical rewards – of peace and fearlessness)
  • Where to find guidance on behavior and speech changes needed to achieve knowledge, calmness and nirvana now. Quick index to our 15 year study of the deceptive and at once revealing inside language.
  • Gain 100% dominance over words, speaking and your comfort around them.
  • How to instantly decode all words and their numerical and resonant differences.
  • How to exploit that to feel happy, repair and start new fulfilling relationships. To find peace and fearlessness and purpose to life.
  • How to decode the complexity of the Human body, Mind and Spirit and recognize the different parts of being a Human Being.
  • Learn the unique relationship and duties of the Heart and Brain.
  • Learn how to repair your blood cells and the conditions of your blood flow to increase the health and effectiveness of the Heart and Brain.
  • How to establish the existence of the One True Creator in your Heart and Body and in All things.
  • How to get enough space, calmness and time inside your head so you can think quietly about the deeper topics.
  • How to see all people the same and never judge someone again on their appearance, thinking or outcomes.
  • Learn the ‘actual’ creation power of each Human Being and how to claim it.
  • Full explanation of Fear and Love and why neither can ever shake you again.

Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is he that sitteth upon the circle, circuit or compass of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity. (Isa 40:21-23 KJV amended)

The above shows the sequencing nature of the world. A continuous looping challenge game. To win or do over until your energy or abilities subside from despair and burying your knowledge too deep. “S” is the letter and symbol of “coming and going” or ‘sequencing’.

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Basic Knowledge – Your Body – Linguistics – Conduct

– POD 1- Linguistics – Words, Communication, Language.

– POD 2 – Conduct – Relationships personal, community, self.

– POD 3 – The Body – Achieving natural weight and shape of body with max effectiveness and long life.

– POD 4 – Basic Knowledge – Applying your brain power makes it grow stronger and better. Achieving natural Brain power and peace on demand. Learn to see the difference between brain and Mind activity, Several areas are covered from world deceptions through history and the true human explanation.

Many basic knowledge areas are left without investigation. Learning about them immediately empowers the student to begin the claim on all of their powers and a hyper renewed interest in self, relationships and the world and people around you.

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