If you are one of the Elohymn and you could lower your frequency to raise your density and complete your destiny – would you ignore it? Y or N (Z)

Who is Nirvana Now Ninja

We are a couple who found Nirvana Now and will walk out of our bodies in a transformative way, in time. We met the challenge of Human Earth Life – HEL, and we won. Total control over your body and Creation power is available to you. Live the rest of your time/challenge here living the best life possible and helping others win this challenge also.

The old index card you are holding shows the instructions of playing HEL. You are an awesome Elohymn style being who lives forever. You are capable to lower your frequency to raise your density and complete your destiny. So it has been done. A complete and total exploration of density and destiny. No stone left unturned. We are indeed, quite capable. The back of the card shows ‘the path’ to the “EXIT”. It says, to win the game, you must.

— 1 — Live the best of your ability to ‘do no harm’, — three simple words.
— 2 — Strive to ‘regard all lives as your own’ – relieving yourself of judgment of self and ALL others.

This game is simple in regards to the instructions. There are only two steps as outlined above. One, Two -or 1 to 11. Eleven spells EL-ohymn EVEN.

The method to victory is even simpler as it is simply one word – Conduct. What you focus on is how you conduct yourself is how you become. Focus happens in location and in the Heart and Mind. Heart Actions always are countered with Heart Re-Actions.

Scattered Brain
Heavy Heart

We need time and space to think. All the world’s data from now and forever is at our thumbs. Large issues about self, humanity and purpose seem to be rising. How do we clear space in our brain for contemplation and interreflection.

Use your ‘time off’ you use for you, to get your thoughts, feelings and interpretations settled and organized. Schedule times for you and a place to ‘turn off’ the world and dedicate this time to you.

Make changes to TV time, diet, exercise, sleep schedule, locations, willingness to complain and so on. Make YOU, important.

Love Rules the Human Earth Life Experience

Hearts beat 110,000 times per day.

Hearts have over 30,000 dedicated neurons

A Heart responds to blood, not reverse.

A Heart opens when in front of goodness.

A Heart recedes when offended.

A small piece of Creator lives inside every Heart.

railroad tracks in city

Judgment leads to Loneliness.

Even a child knows how valuable his amazement is.

Our first judgment is against ourselves for overlooking our amazement. We counter this by finding endless things outside ourselves to judge.

This empowers the detriment of judgment. Materialism and sensuality act as security guards to the vault of ‘ignorance unlock keys’.

Start the repair by identifying your amazement. That is more than enough to affect retribution to yourself. Then go about listening to yourself for now on and take more and more judgmental language and behavior from your expressions until they are all gone.

planet earth

Your Hierarchy.






Goals are Gold.

Apply is the Apple of Eye

Heart responds to Action

The best Life is a Life of doing no harm. The best goal is to regard all lives as our own.

Our Hearts are connected to the Creator and the Creator leaves a small particle of itself into each beating Heart. All knowledge and divine treasure will come to you directly from your own Heart. Our actions determine the treasures we can access.

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