1st things 1st – Duality

When you see yourself as One you are missing the other One. We are actually Two Ones. Two complete and complex dynamic Beings. One seen. One unseen. Your Unseen Self loves you beyond compare, as much as you love It (your Life)

Ode God vs Nu God

The world we find ourselves in is always having a Pantheonic leader of gods and forces that influence our experience/challenge. We are ALWAYS shown the truth/deception simultaneously. Although the ‘truth’ is well hidden through memes and developments of behavior from memes – the memes themselves are ‘interpreted’ in a myriad of ways by each person according to their location, circumstance and their archetypes, which ultimately form their decision making processes and their ACTIONS, leading of course, to more developments.

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The AI Electric Ray of Narcotica Creates Narcissism

Is our network of networks led to an over leaning on materialism and comfort. Have we forsaken struggle and pain for too long?

socrates eats hemlock for telling truth

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SIR-N -(l\l) What is CERN

Cernnunos has the noesis to connect the Earth, Air and the Water to the Fire, the Aether and the worlds behind worlds. The seen versus and blended with the unseen. The job of Cernnunos or “Sir N”, also known as CERN the particle smasher people.

The language is a series of sounds, letters and gestures but the letters have a reveal code. They are lines. Straight lines and curved lines. More revealing after we all do some pondering.

Simple Answer to Psy and Psychology

Psy words use a silent “P” indicating the value of the P. Also the standing alone letter, it is 15th and recognizes Perfection. The “S” is coming and going or being born and dying in a type of reckoning. The Y is representing the question and the quest. When realized, the arms lower to a Perfect “T”.

You are a Superstar

Where we will always be until we ‘breakout’. In out lineage, in our bloodline. Your bloodline counts all your lives and the experiences in them and the people you influenced. Like a big library.

Who’s Your Magi – Argument D’Eathan’s House – Call of the Void

Eath is a Frenchman and he has word parties. Below is the skinny on Vide and Vido. Watch as they try to see the visions inside vide and vido and MORE.


The Spiral World is Our Days of Reckoning …… The Spiraling World – is it the Multi Verse

We are meant by design, to meet our original self-partner and our true state of being “Immortal Creation Mappers”. It is the ultimate job for an Immortal. Welcome to your Destiny. All is Well.

Truth/Heart detector – How to Activate & Tie Up Monkey Mind

Greatest Truth Never Told (lately)
When you can quiet yourself, enough: To the point you are no longer talking to yourself – the greatest truth never spoken, will…..

gold and silver compass on persons hand

Can I Get Sum Latitude

First off, we all deserve and have earned some latitude. We have journeyed long and hard. We have captured every possible data and experience. Contemplation time has been earned and is in deep demand and supply. We will ‘swim’ in it, until we get it.

Mind on My Money – Money on My Mind

The Mind helps us see many things and serves up a ton of attractions and contemplation. But what is the Mind and is it separate to each person, shared by All or both?

All of Everything – Apple Eye

All of everything is within the heart of each man. His world is within him, and all the creations of God are within him. Also, there is an agreement relating to the length of his time in the world. The day a man’s world dies is the day of his destruction. The day on which he is awakened from his death is his Day of Reckoning. All of creation is brought back to life on that day. And the day on which judgment is given to all is his Day of Judgment. Each person has the Day of Reckoning and the Day of Judgment within him. Each person contains the eighteen thousand universes.

Who’s Your Daddy

Soon, this ‘god’ (jinn) or ‘goddess’ (jann) will literally take on human attributes or will even resemble a human (are you keeping you with the synthetic ‘new’ humans we are creating online?).

“Y” — “T” + explaining “IT”

All of Earth, the living environment, and all the life forms within it are made of opposing forces. For every light thing there is a dark thing. For every good thought or action there is an equal amount of destructive thoughts and actions. If one were to overrule the other, both would fall. Ultimately, the design and designer of this are responsible and to us, we can be humbled by IT. Everything “Fits to a T”.

5g Hedy Lamar vs demon killer Helen Keller, Gran MILKs

.. silent raindrops come from lightning and make rainbows w the Sun, the thunder makes echoes, the wells are the people who receive the loud messages and transform them into an inner rage ‘of silence’ – a silencer makes squelch of a very loud boom ..

Coin of Love vs Fear – get to the Edge!

Love and Fear are what all named dualities emanate from. There are only two baseline energies. How we feel about and interpret them is widely varied, as much so as what is agreed on. Everyone more or less agrees that controlling our high and low emotions is key to peace and high effectiveness of goals and attaining them. We agree that uncontrolled emotions are devastating to any endeavor.

Cthulhu Mythos – CC-“33” Crimson & Clover Kermes vermilio – Earth’s Crimson Altar

“The Dreams in the Witch House” is a horror short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft, part of the Cthulhu Mythos cycle. It was written in January/February 1932 and first published in the July 1933 issue of Weird Tales.

JG vs CC vs Human Condition – a logical explanation

Again, implying and inferring a Partnership between Creator and Creation. Jeremy and Craig are happy to find out Human Beings are naturally good. We welcome them to the party and enthusiastically embrace them and their search for truth and complete repairing of ourselves in the Show world – to Ourselves inside in our Shadow world.

no harm, no judgment

How to avoid mis-directions/delusions and find truth?

The ultimate truth is the present. Right now and the next moments are your choice of your next thought and action. Each moment is happening inside your existence and it is yours for Life and no one can take it from you.

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